Scrap Vehicle Recycling

We specialize in scrap vehicle recycling, bring your End-of-life vehicle to our certified facility

Scrap Vehicle Recycling Centre

Brighton Recycling is registered as an End-of-life vehicle disposal site with the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. We have invested in technology and people to ensure vehicles are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. Scrap vehicles are delivered daily to Ontario steel mills for shredding and remelting. We hold no inventory onsite and sell no parts. Direct contracts enable us to pass fair and prompt prices to our customers. Sell your scrap vehicle to Brighton Recycling where we take climate change and the environment seriously! Did you know if you don’t know who you’re selling your old car to for scrap there could be serious consequences? Find out more by reading our article.

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Why Choose To Sell Your Scrap Vehicle To Brighton Recycling?

You can be sure you’re always getting the best price for your End-of-life vehicle. You’re guaranteed peace of mind because Brighton Recycling registers all vehicles with the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Transportation. Here’s step-by-step of how the process works:

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Get The Best Price For Your Scrap Vehicle

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